BODYLAND Hot & Cool Skin Care Device With Vibration

Hot + Vibration Mode:

The nursing surface temperature up to 42 ℃ in seconds to relax your facial muscles. When the pore is open, it help improve the absorption of lotion, leaving you moistening skin.

Cool + Vibration Mode:

The nursing surface temperature down to 6℃ in seconds, shrink the pores immediately, and lock nutrition.


Automatic timing: 2 minutes/mode

Built-in lithium battery; Induction seat charger




Rated Voltage3.7 V
Rated Current≦1.7A
Power SupplyLithium Battery (built-in)
Charging Time5-7 hrs
Suggest Using Time2 minutes/mode
Hot Temperature 42℃±2℃ (at room temperature 25℃)
Cool Temperature6℃±3℃ (at room temperature 25℃)


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