BODYLAND Foldable Eye Massager



HD display screen, 180 ° foldable design

Adjustable strap suitable for different head

Heat by Graphene,  relieve eye fatigue

42 ℃-45 ℃ adjustable temperature, dual frequency vibration

Humanoid massage with air bag massager mode adjustable

Bluetooth music; automatically turn off in 30 seconds.

1650mAh lithium battery, use half a month on a single charge



HD display screen clearly display information such as time, temperature, power and bluetooth, automatically turn off in 30 seconds. 180 ° foldable design, adjustable strap suitable for different head circumferences.
Graphene heats in 10 seconds, 6-14um far infrared light wave promotes microcirculation around the eye, help relieve eye fatigue and protect the skin around the eye.
Double layers air bag massager and adjustable mode. Humanoid massage, “push-pull-knead-pinch”. Five smart modes to easily enjoy air pressure, hot compress, vibration massage and music.
42 ℃-45 ℃ adjustable temperature. Upgrade dual engine power drive high frequency vibration, about 60-80 times per second jitter at different frequencies.
Built-in 1650mAh large capacity lithium battery, can be used for half a month on a single charge. Bluetooth music enjoy your massage time.
ABS environmental protection material + carefully selected PU material(protein skin material, can directly contact the skin and easy to clean)


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